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Most of today’s high-end LCD and LED screens are high in brightness and have a refresh rate that gives you a great viewing experience. They also have a blue light which is emitted by the bulb on the screens. This glowing light gives you a very comfortable viewing experience but is also the cause of several issues in our eyes. With the help of anti-blue light glasses and anti-glare glasses, these have solved the problems. But are these glasses the same? 

Anti Blue Light Glasses Vs. Anti Glare Glasses

Blue light glasses are used to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light coming from digital screens. Blue light has been scientifically proven to have adverse effects on your eyes. It can even lead to macular degeneration. Anti blue light glasses have a coating that is applied to its lenses. This film helps in blocking blue light, therefore reducing strain on the eyes and increasing its longevity. Blue light glasses help in making your eyes look less tired.

On the other hand, Anti-glare glasses have an outer anti-reflective coating. It stops the reflection of light and makes the vision more clear. The anti-glare coating reduces glare and reflections on the lenses which can be caused by natural and artificial light. So why would you wear them? Well, for everyday use glasses can help you enjoy your time outdoors by helping you see clearly. 


  • Blue light blocking glasses are specially designed lenses that protect your eyes from dangerous blue light emitted by televisions, other digital displays, tablets, and mobile screens. Anti-glare is a coating or a surface treatment applied usually on lenses to eliminate the mirror effect.
  • Blue light glasses will help to relax your eyes and gently ease you into sleep at the end of a long workday, whereas anti-glare technology will help to make your vision clear and comfortable even when using small screens like mobile phones in bright sunlight.
  • Anti-glare glasses come in very handy for those people driving at night as it is almost impossible to drive without them. Blue light glasses are however way more important – working in an environment that has a lot of blue lighting. 
  • Anti Glare Glasses block excessive glare from going through the glasses, while Anti-Blue Light Glasses block blue light from passing through the glasses.
  • Blue light glasses have anti-glare features but in low quality. Anti-glare glasses don’t have blue light blocking features.


Anti-blue light eyeglasses are specially designed glasses that block the blue light from devices that are found to be harmful to your eyes. Anti-glare glasses on the other hand block the reflection of light coming from the screen of the device you are using. Both of these glasses are designed to help protect your eyes from the harmful effects of using devices and also prevent eye-related ailments.

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