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In today’s world, kids spend most of their time watching a light-emitting device, either an Ipad, laptop, or smartphone. The problem is that this light is blue light, and it’s not good for their eyes. Anti blue light glasses are an excellent way to protect their eyes and reduce the effects of blue light. But what about when they’re not looking at digital screens?

Did you know that about 90% of the blue light you’re exposed to comes from the sun? If you’re reading this sitting under direct sunlight, then you’re getting probably more than 10 times the blue light that you do from looking at screens. While this is handy for vitamin D, it’s bad for our eyes.

Can kids wear anti blue light glasses under the sun?

Sunlight has always been a dependable source of vitamin D and UV radiation, but the blue light that comes along with direct sunlight can ruin the users’ eyesight. The eyes’ lens is unable to block the blue light and billions of people around the world are suffering from eye issues.

Yes, kids can wear blue light glasses under the sun with no adverse effects because these glasses block UV radiation that is harmful to the eyes. This safe coating can be included in all frames so that they may be worn anytime, anywhere!

Final Thoughts

Wearing anti blue light glasses is an important part of preventing eye damage. Kids can wear them safely not only during screen time but also when they are outside doing activities under the sun. It is our great responsibility as parents to encourage them to wear these glasses to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of blue light.

Kids Optics Anti-Blue Light Glasses are authentic eyeglasses that are designed for kids to protect their little eyes from artificial blue light from digital screens as well as UV radiation from the sun.

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