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Artificial Blue Light has been named as the culprit behind many eye-related disorders like macular degeneration and glaucoma. Using blue light filter glasses is one of the ways to prevent eye problems caused by blue light from digital screens. However, the answer to the question “do all blue light glasses have a yellow tint?” is NO. This blog will help you understand the different properties of the various Blue Light Glasses available.

There are three different types of blue light blockers, each with their own unique qualities depending on your needs.

Clear Lenses

Blue light glasses have been around for a while as a way to protect the eyes from blue light emitted by digital screens. These blue blockers have been used by a lot of industries as a way to protect their eyes, especially when looking at digital screens. However, many are now offering glasses that have a clear lens that looks as though you are wearing regular glasses. These blue blockers are often called computer glasses or anti-fatigue glasses.

Computer glasses with clear lenses are worn during the daytime when indoors and exposed to any source of artificial light. This could be from office lights, laptops, smartphones, or your TV. They work by filtering blue light that causes digital eyestrain.

Orange or Red Tinted Glasses

The purpose of orange or red glasses with a blue tint is to enhance sleep. These glasses should be used at night time as some blue light helps to stimulate the production of cortisol in the morning and can help battle seasonal affective disorder during the day.

Yellow Tinted Glasses

Blue blockers with a yellow tint filter approximately 50% of blue light. Unlike regular clear lens computer glasses, yellow-tinted blue blockers are recommended for those whose visual workload is particularly strenuous and is usually the best choice for people that do things on digital screens.
Kids Optics Anti Blue Light Glasses with high-quality UV400 lenses and subtle yellow tint to block harmful artificial blue light from digital screens to prevent eye-related problems in kids.

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