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Everyday Things That Put
Your Kid’s Vision At Risk

According to Prevent Blindness organization, a study found that up to 90% of all visual problems in children can be prevented or treated. Although vision problems in children are often easy to correct, children who fail to receive proper eye care (or wearing anti-blue light glasses) during the first two years of life could be at risk of developing permanent vision damage.

It is easy to forget about your child’s visual health. We do not worry about their eyes unless they complain about it or have a surprise visit from the school nurse. But what if there are not so obvious signs that our child’s vision is at risk?

Here are a few everyday things that can put your child’s vision at risk and show you how to prevent this problem.

Spending Too Much On Digital Screens

The number of hours spent reading, watching, and surfing the internet had increased dramatically. This has led to a rise in the incidence of childhood myopia, which is usually attributed to excessive near-work activities.

According to a recent study, spending too much time on screens may make you feel stressed. While there is no proven causal link, the study does show a correlation between too much screen time and higher stress levels. In fact, in a nutshell, the study showed that children who are exposed to more screen time – TV, video games, phones, etc. – reported higher levels of stress.

What can you do to cut your kid’s screen time? 

Limit their screen time. Screen time for kids under 8 years old should be limited to one hour a day. Encourage them to do other things or plan something FUN to give your child an excitement to look forward to. You can also give them anti-blue light glasses to protect their eyes from harmful blue light from digital screens. 

Rubbing Their Eyes 

Rubbing your eyes seems to be a natural behavior of almost everyone. There are many reasons for it to happen, for example, it stimulates your tear glands to produce more tears. However, it can cause eye problems if you rub your eyes too much as it transfers bacteria from your hands to your eyes. 

Teach your children to always wash their hands before touching their eyes. When they feel something stuck in their eyes, it is much safer to use water to remove the debris.

Not Wearing UV Protection Glasses

Did you know that ultraviolet (UV) from the sun can cause eye problems in kids as young as one year old? The eyes are sensitive and might not just cause painful irritation, redness, and irritation but they can be very difficult to treat. The UV rays can damage the cornea in the eye and this is a problem that can cause long-term eye problems.

If your child is going to be exposed to UV rays when doing outdoor activities, you can help them prevent getting eye problems by letting them wear sunglasses or anti-radiation glasses. There are non-prescription glasses that can both block harmful blue light from digital screens and UV radiation from the sun.

Missed Regular Eye Exams

Many parents pay little attention to the fact that their children need regular eye exams. Children need to see an eye care professional at least once a year. Over the years, we have forgotten to take our children for regular eye exams. As a result, children start experiencing many problems which could have been avoided.

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