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Our society has moved forward into the digital age, but it has also come with many detriments to ourselves and our health. On average, people spend over thirteen hours a day sitting in front of their computer or even more if you count smartphone use. That’s a lot of time, thankfully we don’t do that every second of the day though! We still have time for other things like going out to get groceries and taking care of some housework before relaxing at home in front of the TV. 

You might think all this screen-time is innocent enough since we can easily shut our eyes when texting someone on our smartphones or look away from the computer screen while working at home, but research shows that we are being exposed to high levels of blue light which causes eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, and poor sleep schedules just to name a few negative side effects.

Anti blue light glasses are becoming increasingly popular as a way to protect our eyes from blue light that is emitted by electronic devices, especially at night time. While we’ve discussed what blue light does to our bodies and the scientific reasons why we should care about it, there are still common questions about them or about purchasing them.

Do anti blue light glasses work?

Yes, blue light glasses are a wise purchase for people who work long hours on digital devices, as they provide measurable benefits and can help lessen the effects of eyestrain further down the line. The effectiveness of these blue light glasses is still being studied, but doctors said that they are unlikely to cause harm, especially to children.

Can you wear blue light glasses all day?

Wearing anti blue light glasses is a great way to maintain eye health. It’s also safe enough especially for children to wear these health-protecting specs so they can not only be safe when looking at screens but also when outside playing sports or any other outdoor activity that exposes your pupils to scorching sun rays.

How does blue light blocking glasses reduce eye strain?

Blue light blocking glasses help to reduce the strain on your eyes when you’re using devices that emit a lot of blue light like phones, laptops, and computers. It includes a specific coating that protects your eyes from the dangerous blue light rays. Blue light is a form of high-energy visible (HEV) light that comes off these screens and can possibly cause damage to one’s eyes over time – and some even say it has been linked to certain eye diseases as well sleeplessness in extreme cases. 

Can Bluelight Glasses Hurt Your Eyes?

You can always wear anti blue light glasses. No problems so far.

Who should wear blue light filter glasses?

Adults and children should wear blue light blocking glasses when spending hours on a computer screen, tablet, smartphone, or TV. Adults spend about 8 hours a day looking at computer screens in the workplace. Children are often on handheld devices for studying or playing. Both adults and children are overexposed to harmful blue light from digital screens.

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