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Improve Concentration Aside Blue Light Filters

Ever gotten bad vision? It happens to everyone whether it’d be your friend, relative, child, or even you. There are problems that can occur when you have undiagnosed vision problems. Many of those factors could include headaches, distorted vision, and dry eyes. You guessed it, bad concentration! You are probably already aware of the benefits of having blue light filters to prevent those from happening, but practicing ways to improve your concentration can sometimes be the best alternative in helping your child’s eyes without paying a single cent.

Reduce TV/Gadget Time

This one right here is an obvious solution on the list. It’s already proven in studies that excessive use of electronic gadgets can lead to different problems. Problems such as:

  • Decrease in attention span
  • ADHD
  • Blurry vision
  • Headaches
  • Obesity

Even more problematic, is that it can make your child feel more unmotivated as they become less likely to go out more often and do certain physical activities. The best way to tackle this problem is to reduce the amount of time they use gadgets. 

Encourage Them In Some Brain Exercises

Brain exercises are a great way to help your child focus and become smarter. Less time away from a screen (unless you’re getting them into programming then that’s fine) and more on a specific activity that can increase their skill. You can get into activities that you think might help them such as:

  • Woodblock art
  • Getting them to learn a musical instrument
  • Card Games (like UNO)
  • Math Games
  • Letting them get into sports more often

Give Them A Break

Easy as it sounds, letting your child have enough concentration is by making them take breaks. Power naps are important because they actually not just keep your child more energy; but also, improve their performance, thinking, and memory!

These may seem like small tips but are insanely good to apply to your child. If you want to include blue light filters along with these tips then that’s a double bonus! Be an example to them in a way that may help them in the long term. 

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