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How Blue Light Filters Helps With Sleep

You’ve already heard of digital blue light and all its effects, and probably also know that blue light filters reduce the bad effects of that. But if you aren’t aware of that, don’t worry we got you! Anyways, based on research and studies, using any handheld gadget or computer device can affect your sleep. This is due to the fact that after using your gadget/device, your brain is still engaged in thought with the addition that your eyes have been exposed to the blue light for a long; thus giving you difficulty in sleeping.

We’re going to discuss here how blue light filters can block out digital blue light, especially when you’re planning to stay up all night in front of a screen whether it’s lights on or lights out.

Blue Light Filters Helps People with Insomnia

In recent studies, these eyeglass filters have been shown to help with insomnia. This is because it reduces IpRGC, a type of neuron in the retina. For those of you who don’t know, they can be very sensitive towards blue light and can even affect your mood. They are known to be successful in helping with sleep disorders, as well as inducing sleep. But it’s best to reduce your screen time as well. Word of advice for you, don’t use your electronic gadgets for a long time before you sleep. You’ll find it difficult to get some sleep and you’ll wake up feeling drowsy and less attentive. Take a breath of fresh air on your balcony or do some stargazing to give your eyes a break away from digital screens – you’ll find out the great benefits of taking breaks!

So if you’re having trouble getting into bed, maybe use your phones less but if you still want to, buy some blue light filter glasses!

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