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In this day and age children are exposed to a large set of various gadgets ranging from wide-screen televisions, to phones, computers, and even more recent ones like VR (virtual reality) headsets. That’s a lot of digital screen time!

As a new generation arises more and more of our children have become tuned to using them for long periods of time. And what adds more to that is the COVID pandemic which has caused nation-wide lockdowns throughout the globe forcing parents to keep their children indoors, while the children themselves are required to do their studies online through a screen.

According to an article written by a researcher from the Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar (IIPHG). Children who are more exposed to screen-time and have less physical activities to do have become more irritable if they are not on the internet or on a smartphone. This can cause various health problems that can lead to eye strain, neck pain, sleep problems and various other issues.

Now, we are not saying that your kids should be completely banned from using gadgets, but rather, we are showing how to make those negative effects less likely to happen by setting proper rules to help your kids have self-control when it comes to using everyday gadgets.

Setting Up Good Rules and Giving Them Safety Blue Light Glasses

Simply instructing your kids to suddenly stop using their gadgets while they are going about their business won’t really change how they behave. We need to understand how you can apply good and healthy rules that will help your child in understanding. This way we can reduce their digital screen time.

These are simple things on how you can establish a limited-screen time for your kids:

  • No cellphones on the table during meal times.
  • Get them into physical activities (violin classes, basketball clubs, ballet, etc, etc).
  • No using of gadgets when it’s dark.
  • At least limit it to 1-2 hours from time to time.
  • Don’t bring your gadgets everywhere (bathrooms, swimming pools, religious gatherings, etc, etc).

Don’t forget that you can also buy them blue light glasses that help block out blue light from screens. You can even get glasses that are anti-radiation so that your child’s eyes don’t get easily irritated or dry out fast. This is essential in the long run so that your kids’ vision doesn’t blur out the older they get. This is why in Kids Optics™️ we fully recognize the usefulness of them.

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