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It’s been a while since mobile phones swept the globe. And it’s been a long time since blue light was proven to be harmful to our eyes – especially in the Philippines. And it’s been even longer since people began using anti blue light glasses to combat the damage. After you’re done reading, you should read these tips on buying glasses for your kids.

However, we are seeing an increase in the number of children’s eyewear that can help protect their eyes. Today, I’ll look at four different glasses from Kids Optics that can help protect your children’s eyes from blue light.

MiniScholar Anti Blue light Glasses

minischolar anti bluelight glasses

The Kids Optics MiniScholar Anti Blue Light Filter Glasses are designed to filter out harmful artificial blue light. But don’t just see them as convenient glasses, they’re also pretty stylish as we offer alternate colors for them.

They are non-toxic, long-lasting, flexible, and ultra-light frames that provide excellent comfort. Plus, it’s our bestseller!

CleverPops Anti Bluelight Eye Glasses

cleverpops anti bluelight glasses

Kids Optics CleverPops Anti Blue Light Eyeglasses are aimed to shield your children’s eyes from, you guessed it, digital blue light. Like the previous eyeglasses, they are flexible and long lasting (don’t forget they are also durable) and they have TR-90 frames, making them comfortable to wear.

Snappy Teens Anti Bluelight Eye Glasses

snappy teens anti blue light glasses

Another one in the list, this cool design is our SnappyTeens eyeglasses! They have blue light filters that are ideal for children aged 10 to 16, and they come in ultra-light, comfortable frames. It stands out on its own in terms of design, compared to other glasses.

MiniScholar BlueLight Shades

Kids OpticsTM MiniScholar BlueLight Shades are intended to protect children from harmful artificial blue light emitted by digital screens such as laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, TVs, or LED lights.

The process of adjusting to bright light is now made easier with photochromic lenses. Photochromatic lenses, also known as transition lenses, automatically change from clear to dark tint when exposed to bright light. This gradual darkening of the tint of the lenses allows the children’s eyes to naturally adjust.

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