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BrightMind Dash

  • BrightMind Dash - Blue on Blue

    Perfect for kids ages 6 - 12 years old

    Kids Optics™ Digital Glasses are “designed for KIDS” to block the harmful artificial blue light from digital devices like laptops, computers, tablets, TV or led lights. It is designed for kids from 6- 12 years old.

    Kids Optics™ Digital Glasses are non-prescription eyeglasses with an anti-blue light-blocking lens to protect those little eyes from prolonged use of digital devices.

    Kids Optics™ Digital Glasses are made of non-toxic, durable TR90 frames with UV400 lenses and blue light blocking coating. Kids Optics™ lens filter outs the blue light up to 45% from 380 - 500nm wavelengths. It blocks the harmful blue light from artificial light sources like digital devices, computers, television and led light and let the harmless blue light pass through.

  • Features of Kids Optics™ Digital Eyeglasses

    • Fit: Unisex
    • Lens Material: PC
    • Frame Material: TR-90
    • High Quality PC UV400 lenses with blue light blocking coating.
    • Ultra light TR-90 frames for excellent comfort. TR90 eyeglasses frame is made up of a material that is bendable. extremely lightweight and flexible and durable
    • High quality flexible hinges & temples to suit any face shape
    • Comfortable nosepads and skid-proof legs better grip on your nose and ears
    • Non-prescription glasses with a subtle yellow tint (anti-blue light coating requires special processing that gives the subtle yellow tint) NOTE: If your kids needs prescription lens, please check with your local optometrist.

    What’s included?

      • 1 Pair of Kids Optics™ Digital Eyeglasses
      • 1 Kids Optics™ Hard Case
      • 1 Cleaning Cloth
      • Free 1 Blue Light Testing Card
      • Free 1 Led Flashlight

      Why should you choose Kids Optics™?

      • Promotes a well-rested and healthier sleep cycle for your kids
      • Helps alleviate headaches and prevent dry eyes and digital eye strain
      • Kids Optics™ frames and lens are flexible, lightweight and super durable.
      • Helps your kids to focus and learn better.
      • Available in cool colors and designs.
      • Designed for Kids. Approved by Kids.

      Disclaimer: Kids Optics™ glasses are non prescription. Should you feel you need to consult your optometrist please do so prior to purchase. No approved therapeutic claims.