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MiniScholar - Azul

  • MiniScholar - Azul

    Perfect for kids ages 6 - 12 years old

    Kids Optics Anti-Blue Light Eyeglasses are “designed for KIDS” to block the harmful artificial blue light from digital devices like laptops, computers, tablets, TV or led lights.

    The lens in these eyeglasses are non-prescription UV400lens with anti-blue light-blocking features to filter out the blue light up to 45% from 380 - 500nm wavelengths. It also blocks the harmful blue light from artificial light sources and let the harmless blue light pass through.

    INTRODUCING: Kids Optics KOOLFLEX Frame Series

    KoolFlex Frame Series offers “no - screw” hinges feature that allows stretching of the temples up to 180˚ (or even more). It provides maximum flexibility that can bend inwards and outwards. Perfect for playful kids :)

    What's unique with these frames?

    The hinges are made of TR-90 and silicon and incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight. TR-90 was produced through Swiss technology as a thermoplastic material and, typically used for child eyewear, sports eyewear and sunglasses. And since they are flexible, TR-90 eyeglasses can bend under pressure and adapt to the kids’ faces comfortably.

  • Features of Kids Optics Digital Eyeglasses

    • KOOLFLEX Frame Series
    • Fit: Unisex
    • Lens Material: PC
    • Frame Material: TR-90
    • High Quality PC UV400 lenses with blue light blocking coating.
    • Ultra light TR-90 frames for excellent comfort. TR90 eyeglasses frame is made up of a material that is bendable. extremely lightweight and flexible and durable.
    • High quality flexible hinges & temples to suit any face shape.
    • Comfortable nose pads and skid-proof legs better grip on your nose and ears.
    • Non-prescription glasses with a subtle yellow tint (anti-blue light coating requires special processing that gives the subtle yellow tint) NOTE: If your kids needs prescription lens, please check with your local optometrist.

    What’s included?

    • 1 Pair of Kids Optics Digital Eyeglasses
    • 1 Kids Optics Hard Case
    • 1 Cleaning Cloth
    • Free 1 Blue Light Testing Card
    • Free 1 Led Flashlight

    Why should you choose Kids Optics?

    • Promotes a well-rested and healthier sleep cycle for your kids
    • Helps alleviate headaches and prevent dry eyes and digital eye strain
    • Kids Optics frames and lens are flexible, lightweight and super durable.
    • Helps your kids to focus and learn better.
    • Available in cool colors and designs.
    • Designed for Kids. Approved by Kids.

Disclaimer: Kids Optics™ glasses are non prescription. Should you feel you need to consult your optometrist please do so prior to purchase. No approved therapeutic claims.