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Top List of Most Common Myths About Blue Light

You probably might’ve already heard about the term, blue light or digital eye strain. The stories and gossip around the internet and in real life about how dangerous the effects they can be on your children’s eyes. But this is the internet, a place where misinformation can spread and actual information can be shared. Keep an open mind that although there are negative side effects regarding blue lights we want to keep our readers informed about a lot of the misconceptions about it. If you’re also curious about the FAQS of anti-blue light glasses, you can view our article here. So here’s the top list of the most common myths about it.

Myth: Blue Light Isn’t Natural Because It’s Only Caused By Digital Screen

The real truth is the wavelength of blue light is around us. In fact, it is what gives the sky its blue color. We believe the sky is blue because shorter blue wavelengths scatter off of air particles, causing it to appear blue. They also work to control your circadian rhythm, which is the body’s cycle of sleep and wakefulness. Additionally, it contributes to increased alertness, improved emotions, and quicker reflexes.

There’s a big difference between natural blue light and artificial blue light. Artificial digital eye strain is the one that is mostly associated with what you hear about ‘dangerous color wavelengths’.

Myth: Adjusting Screen Brightness Will Fix It!

Well, an interesting myth but there are only half-truths in this. According to an article written by plano.co; although reducing screen brightness may change the levels inversely you’d still receive them if exposed for far too long.

Myth: They Cause Permanent Damage

An extremely popular belief but highly overexaggerated one about it causing permanent blindness. You can check out this article from Harvard’s Health Publishing site for more information. There hasn’t been any solid evidence for blue light relating to the cause of blindness. In fact, you’re more likely to get blindness due to bad aging than anything else.

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Top List of Most Common Myths About Blue Light

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